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The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can make all the difference. Even the slightest variation can change an average hairdo into a dramatic new look. The most important thing to consider when coming up with hair color ideas is how a color will compliment your features. Becoming aware of your skin’s natural undertones is the key to finding that perfect harmony that will minimize flaws and bring out your best features.


The Right Hair Color For You

The first step in choosing the right color for your hair is determining whether your skin has warm or cool undertones. This can be done by considering features such as your natural hair and eye color. Here are some features that can help you determine whether you have warm or cool skin undertones.

People with cool complexions commonly have:


  • natural hair color that is blue-black, dark brown, medium ash, or golden blonde
  • pale skin with pink or no undertones
  • golden, olive, or dark skin
  • brown or bronze skin when tanned
  • brown or dark eyes

People with warm complexions commonly have:


  • natural hair color that is red, reddish or golden brown, deep brown, or strawberry blonde
  • pale skin with peach or golden undertones
  • brown skin with pink, golden, or copper undertones
  • golden brown tone when tanned
  • freckled skin
  • blue or green eyes


Making Your Choice

The best color base for people with warm skin is usually a rich and deep tone such as dark golden brown, chestnut, mahogany, or auburn. This may be complimented by red, cinnamon, or copper streaks. Golden shades such as caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin are also recommended and it’s best to avoid jet-black which can make you look washed out. Brassy blondes should also be avoided since they tend to look too harsh.

People with cool skin tones look best with hair colors such as intense brown, red, or blonde complimented by honey or ash highlights. Ash blondes and cool browns work best to neutralize skin and avoid ruddiness which can sometimes be highlighted by gold, auburn, and copper tones. While almost anyone can look good with the right shade of red, people with cool skin tones tend to pull it off best.


General Tips

Almost any hair color will suit someone with pale skin, though people with pink complexions should generally avoid reds and golden blondes. If you had blonde hair as a child, you will probably have the right skin tone for blonde hair now. If you have an olive complexion, you are especially suited for rich and dark shades of red and brown. And keep in mind that darker hair colors will always work best to bring out brown or green eyes. Once you have decided on the best hair coloring for you, you should be aware of the differences between natural hair dyes and chemical hair color.

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