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Real beauty has its source from deep within, not from the surface.

“I’ll never be beautiful”

“Beauty’s only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah”. So went the words to a popular song back in the ‘60’s. Remember when Mother said those same words to you when you told her you thought you were ugly – and remember how you were convinced she had no idea what you were feeling? What if she was right? Maybe she knew more than you thought she did.

As we mature and become more comfortable with our own identity and value, we learn that indeed, beauty is more than what is seen by the eye at a glance. Beauty has its genesis from within the person. We all love to look at beautiful people, whether they are babies or adults, and there are some people who are, to state it plainly, “drop-dead gorgeous”. We all probably know one or two with incredibly good looks (and often a body to match). Sometimes their inner beauty matches their looks, sometimes it doesn’t.

“Beauty is as beauty does”

Like the song above, this saying hints at a similar perspective. Being outwardly beautiful can lose its power when the actions of the person are mean or hateful. Doing beautiful things, coming from a beautiful heart, makes the superficial beauty so much less important.

It all starts with what we’re thinking about:

How do we attain that inner beauty? Many books have been written and while they may come from different perspectives, the basics remain constant. Inner beauty, manifested outwardly - whether in word, deed, peace or passion - begins with some simple concepts:

-Understanding that we are all parts of a greater, grander picture

-Making the decision to live a life which exudes beauty

-Looking for and encouraging the beauty in others

-Honoring, loving and respecting ourselves for the beautiful people we are.

Now go and share some of your beautiful self with others!

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yes I've been having a problem with my urethra...I have had a pee test done and it came back normal....I have also had problems in the past with kidney stones....it feels like a burning sensation...that comes and goes...don't last all day but more so at night...it is very annoying and painful....my doctor took a blood test just hasn't came back yet...it is just bothering me...could it be a lodged kidney stone that was over looked by the pee test or something else....I'm just a very paranoid person .....thanks BL
13 years ago