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Isolaz Laser Treatment

The inventors of Isolaz laser therapy have designed a unique skin treatment which they say reduces acne, unwanted hair, sun-damage and signs of aging in 85% of patients. The treatment is based on PhotopneumaticsTM technology and combines the use of a vacuum and a painless laser to leave your skin looking younger and healthier. Furthermore, Isolaz therapy has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

What Does Isolaz Treat?

Isolaz's promoters say the treatment is suitable for all skin types and can be used to treat a range of common but distressing skin problems. Among these are many forms of acne (including pustules and blackheads), as well as sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries and excess hair. In theory, it's possible to use Isolaz treatment on your legs or underarms so that you never have to shave again.

How Does Isolaz Work?

The basic principle underlying Isolaz treatment is the use of the vacuum to loosen and extract impurities, undesirable hair or markings on the skin, followed by the laser which destroys the bacteria that causes acne, or the hair, or the marks. Patients say that the treatment is totally painless and very quick in comparison to other light-based treatments.

The Isolaz Process

If you decide to give Isolaz a go, your treatment will have three basic stages. The length of treatment (and the cost!) will vary depending on your problem and size of the area of skin you wish to have treated. In a typical Isolaz session, the Isolaz hand device will be applied to the affected area and then the vacuum will be used to raise that part of the skin. At the same time, the vacuum may (again, depending on the reason for your treatment) loosen and suck out dirt, oil, and other impurities, or soften blackheads. The vacuum treatment alone deep-cleans your pores. The laser will then be switched on to zap those dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, red or brown patches, or bits of sun damage. Patients have reported that after one session, their skin feels tighter and looks healthier; however, most problems require several treatment sessions before significant improvement is seen.


Four treatment sessions are generally recommended for acne sufferers, but this number will vary depending on the type of acne you have, its location and severity. A full face treatment session will probably last approximately 10 minutes. Isolaz laser therapy claims to be seven times faster than conventional laser therapies and not to leave the patient with after-effects such as redness or crusting on the skin.

Rejuvenation (Signs Of Aging)

Five treatment sessions are usually recommended for anyone who wants to reduce signs of aging or sun damage on his or her skin. Treatment sessions on the face, neck and chest will usually last between three and five minutes. A full arm treatment may last up to 10 minutes.

Hair Removal

Approximately seven treatment sessions are recommended for anyone who wants to stop hair regrowth on a long-term basis. Hair removal on the upper lip usually lasts one minute, while treatment on the underarms may take three minutes. Treatments to remove hair on the back or legs may take up to 20 minutes.

The Advantages

Isolaz's promoters say you won't need any local anesthetic before the treatment begins, which makes the process much quicker than that of conventional laser treatments. You won't need to take time to recuperate after the treatment unless you really feel that you want to rest a little before getting back to your daily business. It's also a painless and non-invasive procedure. It won't leave your skin feeling sensitive to light or with any other soreness or unpleasant side effects. Once again, 85 % of patients are said to have seen some improvement in their skin's condition.

The Drawbacks

The major drawback of Isolaz laser treatment is cost. One session is unlikely to give you long term results and each session may cost between $200 and $600 depending on your provider and the severity of your problem. It might be worth trying one Isolaz session to see if it's going to work for you. If it is going to be effective, you should see some degree of change even after just one session.

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