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Regulating bleeding (cont'd)

One of the main problems now it seems, is that the therapy is focusing on two goals, regulating the bleeding and inducing ovulation so as to get pregnant, that usually require almost the opposite therapy.

One solution might be to just focus on the abnormal bleeding and get that straightened out, and then resume the fertility induction.

With so much abnormal bleeding, it is not safe to assume it only is dysfunctional, anovulatory bleeding even though you are young. Mechanical causes (polyps, fibroids) need to be ruled out with a hysteroscopy and D&C if that hasn't already been done.

Also bleeding due to other unusual diseases such as coagulation problems (Von Willebrand's disease), thyroid problems (I'm sure this has already been checked), other medical diseases and medications need to be ruled out.

When all of these have been done, the next step might be to regulate your periods with something like Premphase which is used in the perimenopausal/postmenopausal period to regulate bleeding and still produce a monthly menses.

Presuming the Premphase would regulate you so that there was no more abnormal bleeding for about 3 or 4 months, then you might consider retrying the Clomid® therapy to induce ovulation or whatever your doctor feels is needed.

At this point, I would suggest making another visit to your doctor to discuss the bleeding after intercourse and let him examine you to make sure there are not local cervical factors, irritation etc., causing the bleeding.

Then discuss the above plan as you and he think it applies. Agree on any plan or modification of the above so that you can have a systematic approach to getting over all of these problems. He will probably benefit from some regrouping in plan as much as you will.

Can heavy bleeding wash out sperm or prevent implantation?

I posted before about bleeding after a bowel movement and conceiving. I am now 3 days post ovulation and today after a bowel movement I began bleeding heavily with blobs of blood and cramping. It lasted about 3-4 hours and is now subsiding, but I'm still worried if it will affect conceiving. Am I just worrying too much?

If you are bleeding heavily such that it can "wash" sperm out of the cervix, then it will decrease the chance of getting pregnant. If it's just spotting, it shouldn't affect it.

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