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What is chronic cystic cervicitis?

What is "chronic cystic cervicitis" (per the pathology report following a hysterectomy)?

This is a condition in which the openings to the cervical glands get blocked by skin cells growing over the openings due to repair (metaplasia). Then the mucous in the glands can't get out and they form pockets of cystic areas. It is usually a benign process although rarely it can get severe enough to block off the opening to the cervix.

Is it necessarily related to an STD?

Not at all related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Is it a condition that shows up in a pap smear?

No. It is noticeable visually on speculum exam as multiple nabothian (mucous filled) cysts of the cervix.

Could it lead to cancer? (No pain is involved.)

No. There is no relationship to cancer.

Recurrent dysplasia, 2nd LEEP recommended

It all started a year ago with excessive bleeding. Then a D&C was done. Three months later, an abnormal pap test. Biopsy of it showed HPV virus. LEEP was done next. Then several cryosurgeries followed.

After approximately 6 months, and having paps every 3 months coming back abnormal, one comes back normal. 3 months later an abnormal one that is biopsied and is showing dysplasia, and cervicitis.

Now doctor wants to discuss further treatment options?!? What is left to do? And what exactly is acute cervicitis with koilocytosis? I have a family history of cervical cancer. Is a hysterectomy in line next?

We need more information to answer this. What are the different grades of dysplasia you've had, when and what grade is the current biopsy? If the last biopsy is acute cervicitis with koilocytosis, this is a benign inflammatory process that doesn't need further therapy at this time.

If you are a smoker, these changes can persist for a long time.

The current biopsy showed mild dysplasia. That was all I was told. I'm going to the doctor today because he wants to discuss further treatment options. I can't imagine what more can be done at this point. I really appreciate your prompt response on this. As far as the cervicitis though, on reading the symptoms, I wasn't even aware I have a problem, as I have none of those symptoms. I am a smoker and am currently on a birth control pill.

If there is just mild dysplasia in biopsy now, I would leave it alone and just follow with Paps and repeat the biopsy if it didn't improve in 9 months.

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