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Vaginal Dysplasia and Pain

Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

Possible recurrent bacterial vaginosis

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Last August, I noticed an "odor"... I tried all kinds of things and finally went to the GYN in October. She diagnosed "BV", bacterial vaginitis, and prescribed metronidazole. I've used 8 prescriptions, but... guess what?! It doesn't go away!

Here it is July and it's still coming back... every month it seems...in fact, now I have a yellowish discharge that I didn't have before... why? And why did it start in the first place? My husband and I have been married 15 years and are monogamous. Any suggestions? This is actually depressing...

You are now in a category of having chronic vaginitis rather than just acute vaginitis. It is very important to continue to reconfirm the exact diagnosis. This means when you have symptoms, you need an exam that includes wet prep, cervical culture for gonorrhea and chlamydia (even though you are both monogamous), a vaginal pH measurement, and possibly a yeast culture. While bacterial vaginosis can be recurrent, most of the time there is something else going on.

I just saw a patient recently who had a similar story and the wet prep showed predominantly white cells and no bacterial laden clue cells (to diagnose BV). The pH was 4.0 which is physiologic (should be higher than 4.5 for BV). This patient probably has either cervicitis, allergic vaginitis (due to reaction to lubricant in condoms) or desquamative vaginitis.

Our studies and plan will help figure it out but it isn't BV even though she has been treated 4 times for it. I won't deny that it could have started as BV but I hope you see my point about getting it fully diagnosed.

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1. Vaginal Dysplasia
2. Bartholin duct abscess
3. Dysplasia and cancer
4. Smoking and dysplasia
5. Vaginal itching
6. Contact vulvitis
7. Yeast infections and ovulation
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hi, i'm having bloody discharge right after my period, usually i only experience this for 2 days but it's been 1 week now, and i have to wear pads like i'm still having my period...the discharge is mucus like and a bit bloody, normal odor not fishy or foul smell, no itching and no pain...anyway, i've decided to use vaginal suppository, (gyno-mikozal miconazole nitrate) i've already taken 3, but i'm still having bloody discharge..i don't know what this is...PLEASE HELP
10 years ago
Hi, I had an itch sometime earlier and bought metronidazole which I took 1 morning and 1 night till it finished and when I missed it I took two for that time, after my period I started noticing flesh like discharges and thought I had contracted an infection then I bought another card of metronidazole and took it 2 every evening hoping everything would get back to normal but instead by the time I was through with the drug I had a swelling inside the right side of my vagina and it's still there. It doesn't hurt, I tried sitz bath with hot water yet no improvement. My period hasn't even come, its's meant to start btw wednesday and today but am still waiting, the signs are there for my period to start (swollen breast with painful nipples but still nothing yet). I haven't had sex in years. Please could you help me I've never been to a gyn before.
12 years ago
qazws cvf
Hi. I am 23 with PCOS in both ovaries. I get heavy vaginal discharge just following my mensus from past few months. it has odor too. it lasts for a week or so after mensus. i have read usually in mid-cycle one gets the discharge, but that is not the case with me. what can be the problem.
12 years ago