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Vaginal lump swelling? Bartholin gland

I have been experiencing a lump in the right side of my vagina. It started a few days ago and has become sore to the touch and feverish. Please give me your suggestions.

It's difficult to say without an exam, but what you describe would be consistent with a Bartholin duct abscess. They can get big and extremely painful before they either drain spontaneously or you have to see the doctor to do an incision and drainage.

Thank you for your advice. You were right-on! I went to my GYN today and she lanced it. It drained for several hours, but is MUCH smaller now and not as painful. Thanks again for the help. Also, what would cause such a situation to occur and can I prevent it. My GYN had no comments on that.

The Bartholin gland duct opens at about 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock around the vaginal opening near the hymeneal ring. If that duct get blocked, usually by infection, then the infection travels down to the gland and an abscess forms.

The infection is usually introduced by sexual intercourse altho it's not usually a sexually transmitted bacteria. Some women just seem to be susceptible to infection there. You can get infection on both sides at different times.

If the abscesses recur, you may have to have the gland sewn open (marsupialized) or removed surgically so you don't keep getting an infection.

Thick, odorless heavy vaginal discharge

I am 39 years old and have been having a problem for the last 7 months. I have a thick odorless clear discharge that is very heavy. I can feel it come out of me. Needless to say this is not my normal vaginal discharge. I have had itching and burning due to the constant wetness in this area. My OBGYN has done several yeast cultures with negative results. He has done an endometrial biospy with normal results.

My pH balance, vaginal flora and hormone levels are all testing normal. The discharge seems to be the heaviest after my menstrual period. I have searched through so much info on vulvovaginitis and do not see anything about a clear odorless heavy discharge. I am seeing a specialist soon. I hope there is an answer out there for me. I am currently using an estrogen creme that takes the itching and burning right away.

My doctor also tried me on birth control pills to change my cervical mucus but I broke out in a rash and had to stop taking them. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Clear, odorless discharge that is of normal pH and with normal vaginal flora and negative cultures is a physiologic rather than an infectious discharge.

For some reason the cervical glands are putting out excessive amounts of secretions. The two most common causes are increased estrogens and allergic reactions.

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