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Treating thick discharge (cont'd)

Estrogen cream inside the vagina seems to me will only increase the amount of discharge. Just use a small amount on the outside of the vagina, on the vulva where it itches, or have your physician give you a mild steroid cream, not estrogen containing.

If you can go without cream on the outside, that would be better. A vaseline based ointment lightly applied should help the irritation from a non-infected discharge. It only irritates the vulva because the secretions are slightly acid.

As far as allergic reaction goes, you have to be your own detective. We have seen reactions to foams, gels, condom lubricants, etc. If you avoid anything intravaginal for 3-4 weeks and see a decrease in amount, then its cause is likely due to an intravaginal irritant.

Make sure you don't have extra estrogens in your diet (extra soy products, alfalfa tablets, herbal products etc.)

Finally, remember that if it is just an exaggerated physiologic discharge, it is not harmful to you. It's inconvenience can be controlled by tampons. Eventually it gets better. I have seen this problem persist for months but never for years. Something changes.

Vaginal dysplasia and pain

My biopsy came in negative today. I am a 34 year old 5'8" 135 lbs and in good health. I am a heavy smoker and drinker. (7-10 packs a week). My doctor has diagnosed vaginal dysplasia (which I have found no description of in my search).

I have an approximate 3- 5mm in diameter sensitive spot near my vaginal opening in the lower area. This spot causes me great discomfort when it is touched and, therefore, I have not had intercourse in about six months which is when it first appeared.

From my research, I understand that this may fall into the mild dysplasia category. However, the doctor has prescribed in-patient surgery to remove this tissue. I recently read an article that states that Retin-A® therapy may be sufficient and that if I were to stop smoking and drinking, this could also cause the cells to return to normal.

I also read an article in HEALTH magazine that describes symptoms similar to the pain described above and is called vulvar vestibulitis. I am wondering if this is what I could be suffering from due to my highly stressful job and life style.

I asked the doctor about it but he skirted the subject. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on these matters?

It sounds as if there are at least two problems going on. Vaginal dysplasia is a change in the skin cells that, if left alone, could possibly turn into cancer cells in 10-15 years. Usually it is recommended that the tissue is destroyed so the body's normal healing mechanism can replace those cells with unaffected (unirritated) cells.

Dysplasia in the vagina or on the cervix or even on the vulva is NOT painful. It is difficult to excise a large area of this in the office. Usually an outpatient surgical procedure is performed.

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