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Chronic vaginal/vulvar itching

I have been dealing with vaginal itching for approximately 3 years. No unusual discharge or odors. My doctor prescribes creams that help but I want a cure. I'm 37, have had a partial hyterectomy and the itching is located in the vulva area.

Any suggestions?

Vaginal itching has numerous causes. If you describe no odors or discharge, then the likelihood of infection with bacteria or yeast is low. Itching can be caused by infection, atrophic vaginitis (low estrogen), contact vulvitis (like allergy to topical substances) or dysplasia (precancerous).

Some helpful information would be to know what medications have you tried so far for this or any other problems. Also, where exactly is the itching?

I will have to check for the correct names of the creams. The cream I have used most is dexamethasone 0.025%, most recently the doc prescribed Temovate (clobetasol propionate 0.05%) and a pill- Phenergan® 25mg.

Persistent vaginal itching unresponsive to topical therapy requires a skin biopsy of the affected area to rule out the possibility of cancer. If on visual exam, there is any white or red appearing tissue it needs to be biopsied.

The doctor may also want to put an acetic acid solution (vinegar) on the vulva area and if any white tissue appears, it needs to be biopsied. All this should be done before using Temovate (which is often a good medicine for this).

A biopsy of the vulvar area that itches has to be done to rule out any premalignant or malignant changes which can often present as chronic vulvar itching.

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