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I'm on medication for my asthma, although it has never been a problem with my libido before. After another examination, I have found that I have what may be a cut or a tear on the clitoris hood.

What can I do to heal this? I have felt as though there has been a cut or scratch there before, so it seems to either not heal or it may be something else.

I would just treat it as a tear for right now and see if it clears up with a week of using Neosporin® ointment on it twice a day. If it doesn't clear up with that, then you need to have it checked out.

Morning vulvar irritation and burning urination

I have been experiencing what I call recurrent cystitis. It starts upon arising in the morning. After I first urinate, I feel the constant urge to go again. It becomes very frequent and painful--sometimes accompanied by a tinge of blood.

I also notice at the same time that I have what I call a "full" feeling in my vaginal area. I take OTC pyridium, which relieves the feeling of having to urinate so much and the pain, then I apply Vagisil® to the vaginal area. After a few hours, all of these symptoms disappear.

I find it difficult to see my gynecologist, as I have an HMO that makes me see the primary care doctor first. All he does is prescribe Bactrim® for a bladder infection.

My question is this: do I actually have bladder infection, or is the vulvitis (inflammation of the vagina) causing the symptoms of cystitis, and what can I do to avoid this?

It is difficult to say for sure without examining the urine microscopically and examining you in the vulvar area when you are having symptoms. If this is happening primarily on the mornings after sexual relations, urethral syndrome comes to mind.

This is a direct irritation of the urethra due to sexual relations (often referred to as "honeymoon cystitis" although it can happen long after the initial relations with a new partner). Usually the urine culture is negative but sometimes there are blood cells in the microscopic urinalysis.

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