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The chances of being pregnant but having periods

I have been reading on the issue of having a period when pregnant. I have a couple of questions about it. It is making me paranoid. What are the chances of being pregnant with a period if:

1.) you haven't had sex for 4, almost 5, months
2.) Are on the BCP, not missed any pills
3.) Had three on-time periods since last intercourse (middle one lighter, but ones before and after that one were normal--not time yet for 4th)

0.1% (1:1000), actually I wish I could be that exact but it is an extremely low chance.

I guess the core question is, how many normal bleeds on the pill would a woman need to have before she could reasonably be assured?

It depends upon the definition of reasonably. I would say one normal period if NO pills have been missed but as you know it can rarely happen. Three menses after would be almost certain in my book.

I just wanted to know some info so I wouldn't have to waste money on a test if I didn't need to...I need information!

Well, the cost of a home pregnancy tests seems like a small price to pay to put your mind at ease, rather than worry for months about whether you may or may not be pregnant.

If you are in this situation now, are you having any symptoms of pregnancy? If so, you need to have a test to be sure, and also to ease your mind.

Late menses changing pill brands

This past month I have changed my birth control pill brand from Alesse® (20mcg estrogen, 1.0 mg progestin) to Nordette® (30 mcg estrogen, 1.5 mg progestin). Today was the day that my period was supposed to start, but is hasn't yet. I have not had sex for 5 months, and have not taken any other medications, nor have I missed any pills or taken them late. In fact, the only differences in the month have been the brand change and a new diet and exercise program I started.

Does anyone have any idea what could be delaying my period? Could it be the changing of brands?

Changing the pill can result in the period being different by a day or at most two. Also, sometimes a higher progestin pill can cause less bleeding during menses, almost to the extent of skipping bleeding altogether or just spotting.

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