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Will the doctor do a tubal ligation even if I have no children?

I am a twenty-year-old manic-depressive. My fiance and I will be marrying within the next two years and neither of us wants children. My reasons are partially because of the manic-depression, but mainly just a personal preference.

My question is: Would a doctor have a moral/ethical issue with tying the tubes of a young, married woman with no children? I cannot take birth-control pills because they cause me to go into severe depressions and I would be terrified to try an injectable form of birth control because it is still hormonal, like the pill.

It seems that the only option I have to make love spontaneously (i.e. without condoms) is by having my tubes tied. (Diaphragms are out of the question-I would rather use a condom.)

There are always some doctors who might have a moral objection to tying tubes so young, but for the most part, doctors will perform the procedure as long as they are convinced that this is a well thought out decision and that you are unlikely to change your mind about it and "regret" having it done.

Most "regret" rates at having tubal ligation are in the 2-3% range for all women (circumstances change later in life, e.g. a new medicine comes along that totally keeps manic-depression under control with no worsening from hormones).

Women who have a higher "regret" rate approaching 5-10% are those less than 25 years of age and those women having marital/partner discord.

While you are under 25 years of age and might have a slightly higher regret rate, talk to your gynecologist about all the reasons you have to want this.

It may take more than one visit, but most doctors understand this; you are not the first woman who has had these problems and made these decisions. They are tough decisions but you can get a tubal ligation done if that's what you think is best for you.

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