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Vaginoplasty to remove scar tissue?

Your doctor (a gynecologist I hope) may have some other thoughts knowing your specific scar tissue location and situation.

My doctor has suggested vaginoplasty. I guess the MRI I had done showed that the scarring was only in my vagina, but it was 6cm in length. Is that a large amount of scar tissue?


I have been trying to find information about the vaginoplasty procedure, but the only information I have found so far deals with male-to-female transsexuals. Do you have any information?

Almost all of these procedures are done in women with congenital absence of the vagina or, to a much lesser extent now, transsexuals.

It involves opening up the vaginal area surgically, taking a skin graft from some area that doesn't show much (buttock, lateral thigh) and sewing that skin graft around an obturator (glass, plastic, wood) that is then placed in the vaginal space.

It is held there for about 5-7 days until the graft sticks and grows to the tissue. After the obturator is first taken out, it is then worn day and night for quite awhile, just taking it out to clean it. This is done until the skin graft entirely covers the vaginal cavity. The obturator still has to be worn periodically because there is a tendency for scarring to return.

My doctor also said something about taking a skin flap from my thigh, but how would that work in my vagina? Can people who undergo a vaginoplasty still have sex?

Yes. After the graft takes completely, usually about 4-8 weeks, sometimes longer.

One more question: I never did bleed after I had that really bad pain, but for some reason the pain finally subsided, do you think everything is okay...is that normal, does the blood get re absorbed or something?

As best I can tell from what you've said, there is some obstruction to the outflow of menstrual blood. That is a complicating factor in your case. Most vaginoplasties are in situations where there is not a cervix. I assume you have one, albeit somewhat scarred. That will make the surgery challenging.

Strong vaginal odor after sex

After unprotected sex with my partner, I often have a rather strong vaginal odor for several hours - up to 24 hours. It is of course stronger if we have had sex multiple times in a short period of time.

I don't have any infections (my annual physical showed me to be very healthy). While I understand that odor is to be expected, this seems awfully strong and truthfully can kill the mood a bit :-).

I have always been told to avoid douches. Do you have any advice for me as to how I can safely (preferably organically) help my body absorb the semen in a less malodorous way?

Odor with intercourse is very poorly studied. In the absence of any vaginal infections, apparently much of the odor can come from the semen. I've included an old abstract that looked at this topic.

They recommended a vinegar wash for the sponge and perhaps you could extrapolate that to using a vinegar douche just prior or immediately after intercourse.

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