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Switching pills (cont'd)

Which would be the best way to go about this?

As you indicated.

I still would like to do a test as far as trying to adjust the birth control pills by a day or two just to see if it works and comes out to the exact day like it does now. If it doesn't, then I would prefer to go back to my previous pill. How soon can I do this test, or what is the best time to do it so that I make sure I get proper results---I don't want to do it too soon and then find out that the pills were still adjusting and it was just a fluke that it worked out okay.

Would wait until after the 2nd cycle if the time of menses was different from the old pill, and wait until after the 1st cycle if the time to menses was the same as first pill.

I am concerned that if I wait too long to decide whether or not to stay on this pill that I will not be able to go back to my current pill and get the same results. How long do I have, if any time at all, to be able to switch back to my current pill and still get the exact same results out of them as I am getting now?

Guessing -- 6 months.

I want to be able to switch back to them and have things work as if I had never stopped them. Hopefully, tho, I would not have to switch back, but just in case, I want to know what my chances of doing so are.

How long would it take for me to notice a difference in the bleeding once I start these new pills?

1st cycle should give an indication but wait to 2nd cycle to draw a more certain conclusion.

Right now, I get my period very heavy on day one (about 24 hours), and then after that I only have it very light for one or two more days. Do you think that this new pill could make it last longer or even make me bleed heavier??

I would expect the opposite (higher progestin potency) but anything is possible.

If so, are the chances very high of each of those things happening?

Low, less than 10%.

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