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Switching pills (cont'd)

Do you think taking all that medication is okay and safe or would it be preferable to try the new pill?

Would try new pill.

I am thinking that maybe I am being greedy as far as what I am asking for out of these pills. Maybe one heavy day isn't such a bad thing. Right now I use a super plus tampon and have to change it about every one to two hours because it will start to leak--- is that considered heavy?

Not too excessive for one day.

I even set my alarm to wake up during the night to change tampons so that I don't have a major leakage when I wake up! Kinda a pain.
I hear so many people on birth control Pills saying that their periods are so light that I guess I'm comparing myself to them.

I'm not sure exactly what they are considering light, I guess. I did tell my gyn how much I bleed on the first day and she pretty much agreed that it was heavy and that the Levlen should help with that. I just never thought about all the other perks that I get with my current pill and whether they are pretty much standard perks will all pills or I just lucked out.

One last thing---I always look at people like athletes, etc and wonder how do they manage with their periods?

I don't really know.

How come they don't seem to have to worry about leakage and stuff?

I think they do but maybe our readers will answer.

I mean, how often do you see a figure skater, swimmer or gymnast wearing a pad??

Don't know.

(Please, don't mention Cathy Rigby!!) I know most pro athletes may not even get their periods because of the lack of body fat, etc, but what about the amateurs and college level athletes---or even just the person on the weekend softball league?! Even police women and other jobs where you are "on call" and don't have time to keep going to the bathroom---what is their secret?

I think it is difficult for many. Readers ?

Another woman responds: When I have a heavy day or know I won't be near a bathroom to soon I always double up with a super tampon. Insert end to end just make sure the first one is in deep enough or you'll be uncomfortable plus wear a thin ultra pad. This isn't something you'd want to do to often but could get you through a few hours maybe.

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