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Anyway, I know this is VERY long, but if you could please take the time to answer each of my individual questions (yes, there are many), I would appreciate it greatly as I do not know where else to turn for advice and all of the things I asked--even the little stupid questions--are very important issues to me even though to the average person they are not.

I realize that most women would just take the new pill no questions asked and just wait and see, but I cannot do that. So, if you could, please try not to skip over answering anything--I know that sounds demanding, but I do not mean it that way--I am just trying not to have a stroke over this stupid decision. Thank you so much for your time!--- Boy, do I feel like a dork after all of these posts!

Well, please try and answer everything that's in each post if you can-- -I would really, really appreciate it if you would and I am sorry that I had to post it this way--I know it's a pain! Thanks again!!

Let us know later how this works out for you.

Thank you so much for your help in answering all of my posts/follow-ups from the other day titled "HELP! Need help by .... I did take the Levlen after 24 straight agonizing hours of deliberation....now I'm thinking I should have just left well enough alone because there's too much anxiety with taking a new pill---will it work, won't it and how long will it take to know for sure!! I may just switch back next month unless I see a HUGE improvement that makes it worth the anxiety this is causing.

Do you think that would be a problem to do---would it be too soon to change birth control pills again because it would be too "confusing" to my hormones or is it perfectly fine to change back after just one month if I feel I have to?

If so, should I adjust back to the old pill right away in all likelihood? Not saying for sure that's what I'll do--I may start to feel more comfortable and less anxious with my decision as the month goes by, but as it stand I am quite nervous about the change.

This anxiety is because of the "O" in the OCD. It will get better as month goes on and decision to switch back or not will be obvious by the improvement or lack of improvement of the symptoms.

It will be ok to switch back if that is what you want to do. Are you on any medicine for the OCD?

Table of Contents
1. Break through bleeding
2. When to start the pill
3. Shorter cycle?
4. Expired pills ok?
5. Light period on Pill. Am I pregnant?
6. Postpone a period
7. Switching pills
8. Switching brands
9. Pill and individual variability
10. Is it necessary to switch?
11. Severity of symptoms
12. Big decisions
13. And switching back
14. Which pill? Undecided?
15. Heavy flow
16. Pill problem finale
17. Why cramps?
18. Exercise help cramps?
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