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What causes a very light period on the pills?

I am 26, married, and have been on birth control pills for about 5 years. My periods have always been regular, almost to the hour every month. Last period was almost non-existent, a few spots on Day 1, then nothing.

Had same amount of spotting afterwards, about 2 1/2 weeks into cycle. Did home preg test immediately after non-existent period, before restarting b/c pills and it was negative. Next period is due this week, and I feel really weird.

I have been exhausted all last week and my back aches from top to bottom. Any ideas what could be causing this? No particular stress right now. I am just confused!

A light period on pills can be due to pregnancy. It's possible pregnancy test was just too early to be sensitive to pick it up; it would probably be positive now if you were pregnant.

A light period can also happen just because not much tissue forms when on oral contraceptives. Even though this hasn't happened before doesn't mean something is wrong. Would wait to see what next menstrual flow is like.

No period and negative pregnancy test

Period was due today and didn't come at all, not even spotting. Took a pregnancy test tonight (because I'm paranoid) and it was negative! I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow, but what is going on??!!

The negative test probably means you did not get pregnant the previous cycle. It sounds as if (assuming your menses does not start in the next several days) you may have atrophic changes from the pills. This happens more often then people think.

Many women don't mind not having periods as long as they know they are not pregnant. If you skip 3 cycles in a row, you doctor may want to switch your pills although you don't have to.

How to delay menses

Can you tell me how to use my birth control pills to prolong getting a period? I have a vacation coming up and my menstrual is scheduled to occur right in the middle of it.

While birth control pills are normally taken with 21 active hormonal pills followed by 7 placebo or iron pills, there are other ways of taking the pills to control the timing of when you get your menses.

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