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Adjusting when you get your period (cont'd)

Menses usually starts after no active hormone pills for 3 or 4 days. That is why if you miss more than two birth control pills, a menstrual period often starts prematurely. Then it is best to let it proceed and just start a new pack 7 days after the first missed pill.

You could start your menses earlier than usual by just discontinuing the active pills and starting a new pack 7 days later. Ovulation rarely takes place in less than 10 days after stopping a pill so this should not lead to pregnancy unless you forget to restart them at the correct time.

Rather than having your menses earlier and starting a new cycle, you could start a new pack right after the 21 days of active pills and then your menses would be delayed by 3 weeks.

We know from women who take pills continuously for endometriosis that eventually you may have breakthrough spotting or bleeding if you continue on active pills but that still should not affect getting pregnant.

How to postpone period for holiday weekend

Going to a nude beach over the holiday weekend!! My period will start about 1 or 2 days into my vacation. I am not on the pill. Is there any safe way to postpone my start date with less than a month to go?

If you were on a BC pill this entire cycle it might be possible by extending the active pills (i.e., using the three week active pills then taking another week of active pills and then discontinuing). If you are much more than a week or so into this cycle, it probably would not work.

Mono phasic vs triphasic pills and amount of flow

I started taking BC Pills a while back and thought that I was on the lower hormone level pills because I am not sexually active and am taking the pills to reduce the flow and the cramps, and also regulate when I get my periods because they would come every 30-50 days which was a pain.

I recently found out that I am on a higher level pill---I am on the "mono phasic" (is that the right word?) rather than the triphasic pills and was wondering why I'd be put on such a strong pill. I know people that are married and are on the triphasics, so I guess I'm sort of confused.

Does your weight have anything to do with it, because I am overweight. But, the pill (Desogen®) really hasn't helped with the bleeding-- it's sorta heavier, so what kind of pill is better to help bleeding---mono phasic or triphasic? Most everyone I know is on the triphasic pill and they say they hardly bleed at all.

Is it just a matter of getting the right combination of hormones and which hormone controls the bleeding and which one controls the regularity? And, is it a higher or lower dose of each that results in better regularity and less bleeding?

I want the least bleeding with the most regularity! Is there anything out there comparing pills and their effectiveness on different problems like bleeding or pain or regularity, etc? Just curious!

Mono phasic pills are not necessarily higher or lower in potency than triphasic pills. Triphasic pills tend to vary the estrogen and progestin dose by a small amount in the different phases of the cycle so many people think triphasics are lower but mono phasic pills such as Loestrin 1/20® and Allesse® would be lower total amounts and potencies than most triphasic pills.

It's hard to say whether bleeding is lessened by raising the progestin potency or the estrogen dose. Sometimes both combinations need to be tried.

The Desogen®you are on is actually a "low" potency progestin so if you are having heavier bleeding, the next likely pill would be one with more progestin potency such as Demulen 1/35® or Levlen®. It might be that you would respond with less bleeding to a triphasic.

In these instances it can be a matter of trial and error to get you to the right formulation for how your body responds.

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