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Switching pills...question continued

I've read that if you have heavy periods that you want to increase the progestin level, but it seems like going from Desogen® to LoEstrin® was a decrease (at least according to the pharmacist's chart), but it did work in lessening the amount of bleeding compared to what I had on the Desogen®.

So, now I'm completely confused whether to try this pill or not. I'm not as concerned with the cramps as I am with the bleeding and I'm hoping that my doctor is basing her choice of new pills on the bleeding factor more than the pain factor, which I tried to stress to her.

She said she thinks this will help more with both, but I am still leery because, well, I have to worry about everything!!

Is there more progestin in Levlen® than the other two pills, and do you think it sounds like the right choice---or at least a choice that shouldn't make things worse even if it doesn't make things better?? I believe that the levels of progestin in each are:Desogen®---desogestrel 0.15mg LoEstrin®----1.5mg Norethindrone Acetate Levlen®-----0.15mg Levonorgestrel Is it true that you should increase the progestin level for heavy bleeding?

And, according to you, which is the weakest and strongest of all these pills? They all have the same dose of 30mcg of estrogen (the estradiol kind). I've heard that you can use two tampons at once---do you place them next to each other? Does this really work?

Sorry this letter is so long, but I'm starting college in June and my period is, of course, due that week and I guess I'm looking for some reassurance that I won't be hemorrhaging at the time like with the Desogen®!

Should I give this pill a try--do you agree with her choice and that a stronger pill is what I need in spite of the bleeding, etc. that the Desogen® caused?

Also, will I notice any change the first month or will it take a few? If the bleeding gets heavier on this pill in the first month, then I would think that it's not the right choice and change back or try another new one. If it doesn't get less, but stays the same, then I should try it for a few months, anyway.

Does this sound correct? I am hoping that this pill will work like the others in that I will get my period the same day each month---do most pills work like that?

Besides my Desogen® experience!! Again, sorry that this letter is so long, but for some reason, this is a big issue with me---what I'd really like is a hysterectomy so I won't have to deal with it anymore, but....

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