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Switching back (cont'd)

I am sure there is always a risk that it will not work the same, but how large is that risk? I have taken LoEstrin® for about 2 years. Does the risk increase the longer I am off of it?

Not over the course of less than a year, but after that I would think the chance is more that there might be change. Again pure guess -- no scientific studies I know of.

Obsession about switching pills and controlling period

I guess basically, before I switch, I just want to make sure that if this new pill does not work out that I will not be stuck with nothing---that I will be able to go back to my LoEstrin® either after one month of taking the Levlen®, or three, and have it resume working just as if I'd never come off of it.

I would, of course, continue on the same pill schedule as I have been on and not re-start the LoEstrin® in the middle of a pack or something like that! I am hoping that the Levlen® will work and all of this will be a moot point, but just in case, I like to cover all bases. If need be, I could live on LoEstrin® if I had to, I just prefer to try something new and see if it can help lessen the bleeding and cramps because I'd be much happier with less blood loss each month.

But, I don't want to switch if there's a high risk that I can't go back to my old pill and have it work.

In your experience, when people have stopped taking their BC Pills for whatever reason (want to get pregnant or have to stop them because of surgery or some other medical reason) and then start them up again, do they usually work the same way they did before they stopped them??


And, if they do work the same way, do they work this way the very first month, or do you have to give it a few months to readjust?

One to two months.

I know when I started on LoEstrin® I was switching from Desogen®, but it worked right away and there was no adjustment period needed (there was no spotting, etc and I got my period the same day each month from the very start of the new pill and the bleeding was less compared to the previous pill on the very first month), so I'm hoping that that would mean that if I did have to switch back that chances would be good that my old pill would resume working as normal in the very first month I went back on it. Any thoughts on this?

Your concerns remind us that if symptoms are tolerable, it may be better not to change. Only you can determine the severity of the symptoms.

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