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Excess breast enlargement at puberty

I have a 14 year old daughter whose breasts are becoming extremely large. We are having trouble finding bras and comfortable clothes for her and she is starting to become self conscious.

This growth has only taken about 8 months and seems to be continuing. I have not taken her to see a doctor about this. We didn't have any concern about her development for awhile because larger breasts are common in our family. Even though the speed of her growth seemed fast, it was only about two months ago that we started to think her development was abnormal.

We have discussed plastic surgery, but have decided against it for now. I would like to know how to proceed. Does this fast growth mean that she will stop developing early? Is is better to have a breast reduction early or wait a while?

What you are describing is probably menarchal hypertrophy of the breast. See Menarchal hypertrophy of the breast

As far as I know there is no treatment for it other than reduction surgery. I would probably wait about 2 years after there is no further change in breast size.

While there is no known medical treatment, you might discuss with your gynecologist about putting your daughter on a progestin only or a progestin dominant birth control pill.

In theory the progestin may block the receptors in the breast that are sensitive to estrogen. I can't think of an adverse effect of the pills on this. While most 14 year olds are not on birth control pills, some are and they don't seem to have any long term problems with it.

Accessory nipple causes embarrassment

I am a 22 year old female. I have an accessory nipple that is causing me so much embarrassment. I want to have it removed, but I don't know who I should consult first. Please help.

Usually general surgeons or plastic surgeons are the ones who remove supernumerary nipples. It's a cosmetic rather than an indicated medical procedure so you can make an appointment with those physicians directly without a referral.

Also, since you will probably have to pay for the removal, you might inquire at the time of appointment to talk to the billing person as to how much it's likely to cost and payment options.

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