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Find a Doctor - MD Share

Contact one of our volunteers who are
willing to recommend a doctor to others

(Please do not ask our volunteers medical questions)

Inquire or volunteer to be a word-of-mouth physician referrer. (International referrers are also welcome.)

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City or Region MDshare Partner
AZ480Phoenix Area
CA909San Bernardino county
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MO314St. Louis
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VA757Hampton Roads

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The most common way that women find physicians is by word-of-mouth recommendations. Rather than using search engines on the net, we think women themselves are the best source. We are looking for volunteers who have personally found one or more physicians in the area they live that they feel they can recommend to others with women's health problems.

This would involve listing your email address so that other women could contact you about possible doctors to see in an area. How much correspondence would take place after that would be up to you. The volume of inquiries might range from one or two a month to one or two a week depending on our reader volume. Continuing or removing your name from the MDshare program at any time is up to you.

Please note, you must not work for, or be related to any of the doctors you recommend.

To volunteer and give it a try, complete the form below.

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