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Missed two menses - pregnancy test negative

I am 28 years old and have always had basically regular periods. I am not on bc pills, but my husband and I do use condoms. My last menstrual cycle ended on March 8th. (Today is May 4.) I have taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative.

My lower back aches and my abdomen is bloated. What could be causing this? I am very concerned because I have not had any significant changes in my lifestyle, nor have I been under any type of stress.

Sometimes skipping one or two periods can be as simple as having had a cold or flu. If menses are delayed 3 months or more, you need to see a physician about it. If you are just too uncomfortable now you may see physician for medicine (a progesterone type medication to start menses.

How long for menses after taking Provera®?

I saw my dcotor 8 days ago and then took Provera® to start a period. How many days will it take before I get one? I took 5 pills, 1 each for 5 days. This is day 8 now.

The menses usually starts anywhere from 2-3 days after completing the Provera® (i.e., about now) up to 2 weeks. Occasionally it doesn't induce a menses and then your doctor may need to give you some estrogen followed by more Provera®. When the Provera® doesn't work, that usually means there had not been enough estrogen around to stimulate growth of the endometrium.

Delay of menses after long term birth control pill use

I am 29 years old and have been on the pill for about 12 years. I decided to take a break and my first period occurred on day 36. It has been 50 days since the first day of my last period. Before I went on the pill I used to have 35 day cycles. I am not pregnant - can anybody explain. It seems this may be normal after going off the pill! Is it?

Birth control pills do not seem to change your body's ovulation timing no matter how long you are on them. They mask what your normal cycle would have done had you not been taking the pills.

When you discontinue the pills, your body goes back to whatever its cycle would have been at this point in your life had you not taken the pills. This may take up to three cycles to get back to that pattern however.

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