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No menses since first pregnancy

I would like help. This is an awesome web page I wish I would have found it earlier.

I have had three children in less then 4 years. None the less, I have not had a period since my 1st pregnancy. We are trying to conceive now, after being diagnosed with endometriosis last September.

I had a second opinion from another GYN and he agreed to my laparoscopy. My Dr. removed the endometriosis with a laser. Since this time I have still not received a period. Yesterday I saw him in hopes that I was pregnant...not the case. He put me on Provera® for 5 days and also did blood work on my thyroid, and checked the hormonal levels.

They will be back in a few days. Until then I sit here wondering why it's such a big deal not to have periods. He seemed quite upset that I was not having them. I have nursed our babies, and upon completion, have become pregnant. What a miracle with the endometriosis!!! Anyway what are your thoughts?

When you were nursing and not having periods, that was expected. Nursing suppresses ovulation and after you stopped nursing, you probably got pregnant on the first ovulation before having even one menstrual period. This time, however, things are different. You have not been nursing for awhile. If there was nothing wrong, you should have started your periods. Endometriosis does not cause you to stop menses. Therefore something is causing a secondary amenorrhea (anovulation). If you don't ovulate, you can't get pregnant.

I am done nursing this last baby now 14 months and still no pregnancy, or period, what should I do?

It sounds as if you doctor is now doing some tests to see why you don't ovulate (or menstruate).

Does thyroid disease cause missed periods?

Does the thyroid have anything to do with a missed period?

Yes, either high or low (more commonly low) thyroid disease can cause amenorrhea.

When I'm late for my period I feel bloated and crabby

I'm usually very regular but I've noticed in February and in March that my periods get a little later. It's April and almost the end of the month and still nothing. I feel cramping every now and then and that reassures me but why would I be this late?

I have considered stress a factor and have been using reliable birth control. What's up? I've been bloated and crabby and all of the tell-tale signs are there of impending menstruation. I can't put my finger on it and would like some input.

Its difficult to tell why sometimes ovulation is regular "like clockwork" and other times it gets delayed. Many women feel like you do when ovulation is late. It's similar to pregnancy feeling but you are not pregnant (I assume). It may be that there is just blood vessel congestion in the pelvis and that's what gives the feeling.

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