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Pain after c-section (cont'd)

The pain is the worst after my period is over with, but I do have pain throughout my period also. My period usually lasts 5-6 days. The pain increases in severity the 3rd and 4th day and is gone by the 5th or 6th day.

I went to the ER last year, and after HOURS of tests and waiting, the doctor said I was ovulating, and that was causing the problem. He also said that the ultrasound showed some kind of cysts on my ovaries, but said it was normal to have them, and nothing to worry about.

"Normal" cysts on the ovaries are almost always follicles in the ovary and not "cysts" that are abnormal physiological events or "cysts" that are benign growths.

They are usually less than 2.0- 2.5 cm in size and there can be several. They can occur on birth control pills, especially with the lower dose pills. Most doctors appropriately under play their significance. Radiologists and Ob- Gyns should never call them "cysts" in the first place.

I was not comfortable with this diagnosis, so I saw my gyn in January, who said it wasn't ovulation - I am on BC pills, so shouldn't even ovulate.

That's not correct. Ovulation is decreased but it certainly happens. On the other hand, I would agree that the pain was unlikely to be due to "ovulation".

I am on Trilevlen- 21 active, 7 "reminder" pills. Does this affect ovulation?

Triphasic pills often block ovulation but not always. They work in many different ways though so even if ovulation isn't blocked, pregnancy still doesn't occur.

She did an exam, and decided it was either scar tissue from c- section, or endometriosis.

This is possible.

She also had an ultrasound done, but said it showed no cysts - WHERE DID THEY GO?

They probably were not "cysts" in the first place, but rather follicle development that had gone away (that's normal).

She acted unconcerned, and prescribed pain pills to last until my next check-up. I am still having the pain, and it has been a year since the C-section. Is this normal?

Pain for six months is not normal. It may not be related to the C- Section. If it is related to the C-Section it would be due to some scarring which can develop later.

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