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Symptoms of interstitial cystitis

I have a constant feeling of pressure on my bladder like my bladder is full and I have to go to the bathroom. When it started these symptoms came on all of a sudden within about a week and it was so severe I could hardly sleep.

I was placed on Detrol® which helped but I recently went off this and now the symptoms are returning. My doctor has said that I could have interstitial cystitis or that it could be a neurological problem such as Multiple Sclerosis. I have no other symptoms for M.S. The doctor has not done any scopes or anything to rule out the interstitial cystitis, but does not think it is that because my symptoms were better on the Detrol.

What are the chances of this being multiple sclerosis? Is this a common symptom of M.S.?

I assume you have had a urine culture which is negative. Next you should see a urologist for a cystoscopy and biopsy which is the only way to rule out interstitial cystitis.

While frequency is one symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS), that is a rare disease. It is more probable that you have a bladder infection, an overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis rather than MS.

Detrol® usually does not help the pain of interstitial cystitis but sometimes it can decrease the frequency and "full feeling." I would not use response to Detrol® as a way of ruling out interstitial cystitis.

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