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Rarely, endometriosis can work it's way to the inside of the bladder. You might lightly bleed when you urinated every month if it were on the inside. A cystoscopy (looking at the inside of the bladder) is needed to diagnose endometriosis on the inside of the bladder.

Sciatica and urinary frequency

I've had problems with my back for two years. I had an auto accident and suffered from whip lash and lower back pains. I've only had x-rays of left and right sides of my body as well as chest x-rays

Ever since this auto accident I've had to urinate every 45 minutes for the past year. I've gone through all the urinary tract tests they came out negative and also had sexually transmitted disease tests run they were also negative.

I do not have blood in my urine and there is no burning or pressure pain. When I sit for even 20 minutes I have to use the bathroom I have tingling and numbness from the back of my legs which extend to the ankles.

My behind sometimes aches as well as sharp stabbing pains in my rectum. What type of test should be run?

If you are having bladder nerve irritation from a back injury, an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is the best way to see if the disc(s) are compressing on nerves. The next highest yield is likely to be from a cystometrogram (not cystoscopy) which is part of a urodynamic series of studies.

The doctor would be looking for uninhibited bladder contractions that are causing you urgency. That is treatable by medicine. If the cystometrogram is negative, then a cystoscopy might be needed to rule out any interstitial cystitis or bladder stones, which can be associated with previous trauma.

Sciatica often gives urinary frequency due to nerve stimulation of the detrusor muscle of the bladder.

What type of Doctor do I need to go see. This has been going on for too long. Also I'd like to add I have muscle spasms in the lower back.

Urologist or urogynecologist for the urinary frequency and a neurosurgeon for the back problems.

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