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Frequent urinary tract infections

I get a urinary tract infection about once every two months. I have been going to my HMO. All they do is give me antibiotics. These give me yeast infections. Anyway, is this a symptom of some kind of sexually transmitted disease or another type of disease. It seems abnormal.

If the urinary tract infection (UTI) follows sexual relations (even though it is not every time), you may be having chronic recurrent urinary tract infections or it may be urethral syndrome in which there is a burning or irritation with voiding but the infection or irritation is in the Skene's glands of the urethra rather than a UTI involving the lining of the urethra and bladder.

If that is the case, the best treatment is taking an antibiotic each time right after sexual relations and voiding soon after sex. Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is also a possibility and you will need to have a pelvic exam and cervical cultures done to check this.

Urethral syndrome/Skene's glands

I have had pain in my urethra for about 8 yrs. My urine tests are negative. I have had a scope of my bladder done and my urologist says it looks ok. I have had a total hysterectomy.

When the urologist took a catheter urine specimen it was so painful that I could tell that was where my pain was coming from and he dilated my urethra. Now it is painful to have sex and my clitoris area gets swollen and hurts to touch.

I constantly feel like I have to urinate and have pain around the urethra constantly. When my clitoris area is touched the painful urination feeling increases. My urologist doesn't know what to do.

The urethral pain sounds like urethral syndrome which is felt to be an inflammation of the Skene's glands at the opening to the urethra. Treatment for it is long term antibiotics and antibiotics after sexual relations.

Usually there is no associated clitoral pain however. I'm not sure what that might be. You might get long term treatment with something like Bactrim or Septra if you are not allergic to sulpha drugs and see if the clitoral pain goes away. If it does not, you might visit a gynecologist.

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