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Natural Allergy Remedies

When most people think about allergy treatments, they either consider receiving shots at their allergist's office or taking a prescription medicine.  However, some people do not want to spend the money on shots (or experience the pain!) or have to be on prescription medicines.  What are these people to do? There are a number of natural solutions to allergy problems that can help to reduce allergies without shots or pills. 

Change Your Home Environment

First of all, if you discover that you have allergies, you should alter your environment as much as possible to accommodate your discomfort.  Buy hypoallergenic products like pillow and mattress covers.  Make sure to sweep and vacuum a great deal.  Pull up wall to wall carpeting and put down hardwood floors.  Limit your animal's access in the house to certain rooms and make sure to have the animal groomed regularly.  Of course, if your allergies are really bad towards animals, you may need to reconsider having one at all. 

Nutrition To Help Allergies

In addition to these steps, there are other ways to help your allergies.  One way is through your nutrition.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water each day.  Try to eliminate food dyes, colorings, additives and other unnecessary items from your diet.  In addition, if you think you have a food allergy, try to identify the food and to avoid it!  Omega 3 fatty acids are great for allergies - these include such things as fatty fish, walnuts, flax sees, cod liver oil, fish oil and flax seed oil.  In addition, you might consider adding a few other items to your diet.  Such items include vitamin E, probiotics, adaptogenic herbs, vitamin C, and carotenes.

Homeopathic Treatment

You may decide to see a homeopath who can also recommend certain herbs and other treatments for you to try for your allergies.  There are a few herbs that are known to be used for allergy treatments.  You should certainly consult with someone before using these, or any other treatments.  Some of these herbs include Feverfew, Hawthorne Berry and Nettle Leaf.  There are many other herbs and homeopathic combinations that are used to treat allergies naturally and that many people find to be effective.

Some Interesting Suggestions

Suggestions abound for natural remedies to allergies.  Each person needs to decide for himself what he is willing to try and what he thinks will work for him.   None of these are harmful to you, however, and it's certainly worthwhile to experiment with different ideas in your search for allergy relief.  Some people recommend five drops of caster oil in half a cup of liquid.  Take this on an empty stomach in the morning.  This can be helpful for allergies that involve the intestines, skin and nasal passage.  Another idea involves lime.  Squeeze half a lime in a glass of water in the morning for several months.  This drink should flush the system of toxins and will also act as an anti-allergic method of treatment.   Some say that bananas are a useful tool against allergies.  Eat one or two bananas a day if you have skin rashes, digestive disorders or asthma due to food allergies. 

There are many other homeopathic and natural remedies for allergies that doctors and specialists will recommend.  They are certainly worth a try and can, hopefully, help to alleviate the problem without having to explore medical treatments.

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