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Where can I get free or discounted birth control pills?

Planned Parenthood organizations and your local county Public Health Department often provide birth control pills on an ability to pay discounted scale.

If you qualify, they may even be free. Look up in the yellow pages phone directory for the Planned Parenthood or Public Health Department for the county you live in.

Give them a call and ask about the costs of pills. If you are in college either full or part time, you may also be qualified to use the student health facility and often they provide oral contraceptives at cost or a discount.

Generic equivalents

When your doctor prescribes a given oral contraceptive, most of the time they indicate it can be filled with a generic equivalent. If not, ask the doctor to please do that or ask the nurse to have a prescription rewritten for a generic equivalent.

There are sources on the Internet that will except mailed-in prescriptions and the cost of a generic equivalent is often in the $12-15 range.


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