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Gynecology Health Risk Assessment

Your Risk

In this section, we are trying to answer the question:

"am I at risk for....?" Risk assessment is a continually evolving subject with quite complex decisions. Included here are risk factors for different disease states. Keep in mind that there is not always agreement on what are the only risk factors or how much weight each factor should be given.

Diagnostic Tests

When there is discussion of diagnostic tests that screen for certain diseases, there may also be considerable disagreement as to whether these testing strategies are cost effective from a societal or even an individual's point of view. Diagnostic tests themselves can cause unnecessary risks from recommended additional testing procedures especially if they produce too many "false positives". If there are too many "false negatives", the tests give FALSE reassurance which is harmful.

Reasons To Screen

In general, risk/benefit decisions for disease screening or risk assessment is a process that should be undertaken by you and your physician. Be sure to talk to your doctor about gynecology screening and learn more about the importance of annual screening as the best way to protect your health.

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