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Male Fertility Myths

Many men are shocked and affronted to learn that they have fertility issues. Fertility issues are often considered the woman's domain, even though men can have problems just as much as women can. Men, however, often see fertility issues as tied to their virility and it can be very difficult for them to deal with the realization that they have low sperm count or other difficulties.

Here, we discuss a number of the myths that abound about male infertility and help to shed some light on the facts.

Man Versus Women

Many people think that the majority of fertility issues must be associated with the woman. This, however, is not true. Approximately half of all the time that there is a fertility issue with a couple, the man is found to be the one with the problem. Male fertility is the exclusive cause of 20% of infertile couples and it contributes to the issue in 30-40% of other cases.

We Just Need to Relax

Stress if a self-fulfilling prophecy. When a couple really wants to conceive, it can become very stressful each month when they don't. This stress leads to more tension and stress. Oftentimes, a couple will wrongly say that if they just relaxed, they've be able to conceive. This pressure to relax, ironically, puts them under even more pressure and stress. While it is true that stress can be a contributing factor in infertility, it is rarely the exclusive cause of that infertility. Simply relaxing, after a year of trying to get pregnant, will probably not solve the problem. After trying for quite awhile, a couple should see their doctor and look into the root of the cause of their infertility.

We'll Never Get Pregnant Now

If you've been told that you have a low sperm count, you might see this as the end of the road. There's nothing you can do about it, you say, and have no chance of becoming pregnant. This is not, however, true. Often times, doctors can work with men with low sperm counts and try to reverse this problem. Sometimes the doctor will find that you have a blockage that is causing the problem or they will find another treatable condition. There are a number of concrete things that you can do as well to increase your sperm count. Your doctor will discuss these ideas with you, which include quitting smoking and drug use, losing weight, staying out of hot tubs and other ideas.

The Computer and the Briefs are to Blame!

While it is true that men are told not to wear tight briefs if they want to conceive, and not to put their laptop in their lap, these items are not usually the causes of infertility. However, it is certainly a good idea to change some of your lifestyle routines. You can start to wear boxers and keep hot items away from your lap. These past behaviors, however, probably did not cause your infertility.

Hey, I Don't Want to Change My Diet! It Won't Help Anyway

Whether you want to hear it or not, your diet can really make a difference when it comes to infertility. Men who are overweight are more likely to have fertility problems. In general, overweight people also exercise less and exercise is also important for fertility and overall health. In addition, research has shown that certain vitamins can actually help with your fertility. Taking 200 mg a day of selenium and 50 mg a day of zinc can help to increase both the quality and the quantity of the sperm. Similarly, a low-glycemic diet has been proven to help with sperm health.

Learning the facts about sperm health can help you on your road to fertility. You can learn how to enhance your sperm health, and how to avoid certain lifestyle behaviors. You can also begin to understand what does cause infertility, and to realize that you are not at fault if you have a problem. You are also no less "manly" than you were before you realized that you had these problems. Get the help that you need and, hopefully, you'll be feeling less "manly" because you'll be singing to your baby soon enough!


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