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Health Tips for A Busy Lifestyle

For women with a busy lifestyle, staying healthy can seem like a priority that always seems to end up on the bottom of an ongoing "to do" list. However, taking care of your mental health and physical health doesn't have to be a difficult task, even if you are a woman who is constantly on the go. Read on for easy health tips that will help minimize the effects of a stressful lifestyle on your mind and body that will have you raring to go on all those busy days.

Essential Health Tips
The following are easy health and fitness tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

  • take time to smell the roses. Taking just a few minutes each day to relax your mind and body in a quiet place is an excellent way to minimize the effects of stress on the body and boost your energy levels. Closing your eyes helps heighten the relaxation process, as we are bombarded with images throughout the day. Also, be sure to get eight hours of sleep each night.
  • get off to a green start. Preparing a green smoothie of blended fresh green veggies and fresh fruit is an excellent way to pack a powerful punch to your diet. Nutritious smoothies also help boost your health as they are loaded with antioxidants and help digestion. If you're in a rush, simply pour your smoothie into a thermos for a delicious drink on the go.
  • stock up on greens. Fresh raw vegetables should be a staple component of your diet and should be incorporated into every meal on a daily basis. One way to increase your intake of greens is to add them to a whole grain sandwich. Green veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and phytochemicals, all of which help to counteract the negative effects of a hectic schedule on your body.
  • pass the mustard. choose mustard over mayonnaise in order to stay healthy, as mayo usually contains cheap vegetables such as soybean oil which are bad for your health, as they increase imbalance of fatty acids in the tissue and can cause tissue damage. Consuming such foods also increases the risk of heart disease. Mustard on the other hand is a healthy choice, as is hummus and avocado.
  • soup time. Making a large batch of healthy soup, such as chicken and spinach soup or lentil soup, on the weekends is another important tip for good health that's also a good timesaver. Simply freeze what you don't need in one-serving size containers, and reheat throughout the week for a fast and delicious lunch or dinner that's ready in minutes.
  • get moving. Proper fitness is easy to achieve when you incorporate exercise into your daily activities. If you take the bus or subway to work, get off one or two stops before your usual stop and walk the rest of the way, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing stretches or exercising on a stationary bike can also help you stay fit on a hectic schedule.

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