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Making a Permanent Mark

Permanent cosmetic applications like tattoos and piercing have been around since the beginning of maquillage. Like many types of aesthetic treatments, they are fads, trends that come and go. But they leave their mark. In the 1970s, tweezing eyebrows was in and women who tweezed or had electrolysis done on their eyebrows had to fill in their brows a decade later with eyebrow pencil, when the full look was back. That's not so extreme, but it does show the consequences of irreversible cosmetic treatments. Someone who gets a tattoo, for example, or a body piercing has to live with the results forever. Piercing leaves a scar, even if you decide to no longer wear the navel ring or tongue ring. And tattoos are not easily or permanently removed when the subject matter may no longer be dear to the heart of the wearer two decades down the line.

In addition to this, most people who have body piercing and tattoos are teenagers whose decisions are often based on peer pressure or impulsive decisions. While there aren't incredibly serious consequences to body piercing and tattoos, they do leave a permanent mark, and one should consider carefully whether they want to live with them for the rest of their lives.

Aside from hygienic considerations (you should always seek a reputable place to have any kind of cosmetic treatment that involves a needle), there's the fact that when they're older, teenagers will probably no longer want to sport nose rings or tattoos. The whole definition of fashion is that it's ever-changing. What's in style one year is out of style the next. If you dye your hair one color, you can always re-dye it another shade. However, more permanent types of accessorizing like tattoos, piercing or plastic surgery are a fashion statement that echoes down the years.

The best compromise for feeling in fashion, yet not committing to it is long-term but not permanent applications. You might want to try nail building, eyelash and eyebrow dying, body decals and temporary tattoos. They let you express your individual style without getting under your skin. It's important to remember that whatever your style, real beauty is not skin deep.

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