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The Slimming Down Of America

More and more Americans have succumbed to obesity over the past decade and American researchers are determined to get to the bottom of the root causes of this national piling-on of pounds. Experts understand that the population is gaining weight in epic proportions and needs better and more appropriate methods to take off the weight. But the main objective is to improve the health of Americans so they will live longer and lead more productive lives.

Divided Opinions

The media has been instrumental in trumpeting the idea that America as a country has a rising weight-gain issue. But they are divided in their opinions on what exactly is causing this observed obesity problem. Some say we need to eat a more varied diet, while others say we're a bunch of couch potatoes and could benefit from daily exercise. In any case, researchers are looking for ways to get the general public on a healthy lifestyle track.

To that end, the Associated Press reports, a study is in progress which uses sensors to provide real-time information on obese people to researchers. Two young obese people have had these body sensors fitted so researchers can gather information on them as they go about their day. The goal is to get ideas on how obese people might be motivated to lose weight.

The information transmitted by the body sensors gives researchers, "… an accurate picture of what people eat and how often they move around," says the AP. This information may help experts create weight-loss programs that are tailor-made for modern Americans.

Self-Reporting Dishonesty

Experts believe the body sensors will provide a more accurate picture since most individuals don't like to talk about their lifestyle habits. There is an inherent difficulty in self-reporting in which a person is meant to record precise details about exercise and diet activities. It's a temptation to be less than honest. The body sensors remove this difficulty and allow physicians and counselors to give more personalized attention to their obese patients.

But while the body sensors can monitor a patient's activities, the technology is not yet up to scratch for calculating an individual's calorie intake. Weight-loss patients will still have to do a bit of self-reporting to help researchers in their work so that the goal of helping these people lose weight can be realized. Once all the data is collected, researchers can attempt to create a weight-loss diet based on self-reported calorie counts and the body sensor information.

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