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Weight loss after hysterectomy: you can take control

By taking small steps and making the effort necessary you can gain an edge and make a difference in your weight and the way you feel. Below are some suggestions to help you get started:

· About ten minutes before every meal drink eight ounces of water. This will help you feel fuller so you eat less.

· Trade the sugary snacks for raw veggies or a piece of fresh fruit. You'll gain health and eat fewer calories.

· If you can get there by walking or riding a bike, go that way rather than driving. You'll burn extra calories and feel better, too.

· Take the stairs rather than the elevator. You'll be amazed at how this impacts weight loss and helps to strengthen your leg muscles.

· Steer clear of fruit juices and sodas. Fruit juice is extremely high in fructose and little fiber, so you're drinking a lot of sugary calories that become stored as fat.

· Even though your movement will be somewhat restricted after surgery, move as much as possible every chance you get. Walk, if you can't do anything else. Walking at a comfortably quick pace enhances your sense of well-being, gets oxygen into your blood, clears your mind, keeps you away from the fridge, and helps you lose weight. Bonus!

A combination of the right hormone treatment, healthy diet and exercise will help you keep the weight off after a hysterectomy.

What other effects come with the having a hysterectomy? To find out more, read the article about post-operative problems and concerns.

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1. Weight Gain Post-Op
2. Pounds after hysterectomy
3. Weight loss tips
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