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Weight Loss Decision

The good news is that there are definitely ways to overcome the obstacles that leap out from behind the trees as we journey along our path to fitness and healthy body weight. The other news is that there usually are no quick fixes. Our modern society, filled with instant everything - from oatmeal to Internet - has altered our thinking to accept that anything can be done in a matter of seconds. Just living life day-to-day helps to put that erroneous theory to bed, except when it comes to weight loss. Then we want to have the results "yesterday". Instantly isn't soon enough! We didn't amass the weight overnight. Unless there's been a sudden physiological trauma through sickness or drugs, our bodies gain weight over time and it will take a decision and time to change the situation.

It all Starts with a Decision

We can all remember the time when we made a life-altering decision. Usually it took some time to arrive there as we weighed the pros and cons, the ramifications and effects that would follow the decision. Once we'd done the mental work and were ready, we formally made the decision and then began to do whatever was necessary to bring it to pass. The same process works for weight loss and fitness. As a matter of fact, just about everything we do begins with a decision.

Be Persistent!

So, make the decision to stick with your diet and fitness program. Decide today that you'll do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. Sometimes it takes making the same decision over and over again, the same day, to get it entrenched in your thinking. There's an adage which says that as a person thinks in their heart, that's how they are (or will be). What are your thoughts about you? Are you thinking about your success?

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