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Great Tips for Effective Weight Loss

Cozy sweaters, comfy cords and comfort foods help to make winter bearable. Then Spring arrives and we discover that under those layers our bodies have mysteriously altered. We step on the scale and find it's broken, weighing us several pounds heavier than we remember. We join an exercise program at the gym and determine to lose weight fast or starve for the rest of our lives. Why do we do it?

We all know that we'll live longer and enjoy life more if we're fit, but really, isn't it also about looking good? Definitely! We've got some "mind altering" suggestions for you to add to your healthy weight loss program. Before you know it, you'll be feeling and looking great!

Slow Down
Remember when Mother would say: "Don't wolf your food" or "Chew your food! Your stomach doesn't have teeth"? Well, it turns out she was right. By simply slowing down and taking the time to properly chew and taste your food, it's possible to reach satiation faster and achieve a healthy weight.

Give some thought to what you're eating, how it is being utilized by your body, how great it tastes and savor the flavor. Chances are you'll decide to begin meal planning to feel and look better.

Speak Nicely to Yourself
What do you call yourself when you look in the mirror and see that your sweater left you a bit fluffy around the middle? What we focus on becomes greater. Whether we're focusing on negatives or positives, our brain will find a way to ensure we're right. Instead of condemning, say something nice about yourself- and begin to see yourself the way you want to look. It's amazing how things change as you do.

Attitude Counts!
By simply adding these three mental exercises to your strength-training and weight-management plan, you'll find yourself Feelin' Great and Lookin' Good.

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There are some Tips for Weight Loss 1) Regular Exercise help you to reduce weight 2) Avoid Junk Food 3) Drink Lots of Water and Green Tea
11 years ago