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nicolaruijne - December 31

I have no problem GETTING pregnant, but I can't seem to stay pregnant. I've had five misses and 3 D&Cs!
My husband says it's not fair to me to keep trying, but I think it's not fair for me to stop. What do you all think?


sophia - September 25

You've had it rough. What does your doctor say?


thurmond - September 25

Sounds like there's got to be a good reason this keeps happening. You need to know what the problem is. Once you know what the problem is, you need to find out if you can do something about it. If you can, that's great! Do what you have to do, then keep trying, but if you can't take care of whatever it is that's making you miscarry, your DH is right to be concerned. This has got to be taking a horrible toll on your body.


schoendienst - September 25

I think that the two of you shouldn't be trying to have a baby unless you can agree on this issue. Don't even think of getting pregnant behind his back. Honesty is everything in a rel;ationship.


beth - September 25

It's your body, not his. You do what you want to do and we all will support you even if HE won't.
We're her for you nicolaruijne!


amhpgseverino - September 28

Gtta say I'm agreeing with shoendienst here. you can't do this until you both agree. But, with that said...i had a friend who had 6 d&cs in a row and then the docs figured out the problem and she finally had a healthy baby. You definitely need to talk to the doc about this - stop trying until you figure out the prob with a professional (and can come to an agreement with your husband). Good luck!


devyntaylore - September 28

can't believe your doc hasn't had a few red flags on you. gawd, five misses. how hard it that? yhour DH loves you and its hard on him too. seems like you should be getting pro help before you do it again


joenleo - February 3

I'm so sorry...I'm glad you find it in you to try again... I just had a mis and a D&C... it was horrible. i've been doing alot of research on hormone imbalance -which is often the case in situations like yours.... its not hard to rebalance... do your own research... google "estrogen dominance" & "Dr. john Lee" and read what he has to say. You can also google "Dr. Noonan, ephrata Pa", and do some saliva hormone test across the mail. good luck, i wish you the best.



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