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beth - December 31st 7:00 PM

I guess this is because I'm getting older and will maybe go into menopause soon, but lately my vagina is too dry during sex. It makes me feel like a dried up, old, prune. I use KY jelly, but it's a psychological thing for me. Has anyone tried estrogen cream for this? Does it work well?

thurmond - September 25th, 6:24 AM

Yeah but it has to be estradiol. Make sure you get the right kind.
I had this and went to my gyno. I used the cream and after a few weeks, I was like normal again. It was a real relief and I didn't feel so old, if you know what I mean.

nicolaruijne - September 25th, 6:34 AM

Well, maybe it's not menopause. You don't say how old you are. Maybe your husband isn't giving you enough foreplay to get you wet? :-(

sophia - September 25th, 6:44 AM

Yo husband should maybe play with your nipples. Always works for me :-)

schoendienst - September 25th, 6:56 AM

LOL. You guyz crack me up. Beth, so you're getting older. So what?? It's just another part of life. Just accept the dryness and keep using the KY jelly. I like Replens, but whatever turns you on (no pun intended).

michelled3 - September 25th, 7:26 AM

I hear that yam cream is a natural way to help with menopausal issues like vaginal dryness. I understand your sentiments about ky - how about a glass of wine and some great music? don't laugh - it works.

devyntaylore - October 6th, 7:36 AM

so beth, if your still checking this site, getting older isnt a curse. its a time for lots of new adventures, even in sex. think of it, no worries about getting pregnant. and there are lots of ways to get wet but you have to start with your thinking processes first. your not getting older, your getting better


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