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Trouble Getting Pregnant
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asdin - December 31

We got pregnant pretty easily with our first child, and now we are having such a hard time getting pregnant again! I had thought that the battle was over when I got pregnant the first time. What should I do now? It's been almost a year with no luck.


sbernaba - September 25

This can be so hard! Many people think that it will be easy to get pregnant, especially if they've already had a kid. Hang in there and keep trying! Have some fun while you're at it and try to let go of your stress and just enjoy. Hopefully, with less stress you'll find yourself pregnant soon!


sbernaba - September 25

You should really see your doctor, who might refer you to a specialist. Just because you had one kid doesn't mean that you might now have fertility problems now or in the future. Check it out - maybe there is help out there that can move the process along.


nicolaruijne - September 28

U don't say how old u are. Mebbe it's jes mother nature telling u u too old to do this again. Sorry, but thas what I think.


brandiboo86 - September 28

its called secondary infertility and its tough to go through. after a year of trying and succeeding you are considered infertile. maybe check in with a fertility clinic, they have lots of options and treatments


beth - October 1

Well, duh. See your doctor. What did u think we would tell u? Okay, that sounds harsh, but your question is kind of lame...


schoendienst - October 1

That happened to me and it was hard to make people undersyand that this was emotionally painful for me. They thought since I already have a child it was no big deal. But it was a very hard thing for me.


thurmond - October 1

Were u exposed to any chemicals since the last baby? There may be soemthing different in your system that makes uit hard for u to conceive. Try taking some time 2 just get healthy--take folic acid, exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, then try again.


sophia - October 1

See a doctor who knows about fertilty issues. There's a lot that can be done today, and since u already have one baby, u have a good chance of having another if u get some help. Good Luck!


devyntaylore - October 2

this happens to lots of women and because they already have a baby other people arent always kind about it. its a legit problem and you need to see a doctor who will probably send you to see a specialist.


jenny27 - October 30

i am having the same problem . i have 2 children and my husband and i want another one. it has been a year for us too. i have taken a drug called clomid to help with ovulation but nothing yet. just don't think about it so much. it really stresses u out every month when you have a period i know. but just let nature do it for you , it will happen as soon as you say i give up! just have fun stop planning sex will get to be a job when you are trying to concieve.


BErmygirl - January 11

Yup ...I can totally identify...I was diagnosed with Secondary Infertility and it is pretty crazy . Been trying to get pregnant...going on two years now. should consider getting a full fertility work up...hubby too.


opit Anne - March 5

I understand what your going through and how stress full it can be. Iam personally in the same boat because I once got pregnant and mis-carried but it is now 9 years with out any other successful conception & (I guess u know what it means). Take heart and don't five up keep on trying one day you shall succeed.


yadira - August 8




JaIGrant - December 8

i am 22 with no children and have never been pregnant when my fiancee and I have sex all the time...all month long.. What should we do?


ldntown - January 25

First off: nicolaruijne, learn how to spell. And you have no idea how old she is, so that is just an ignorant comment.

And asdin: I would talk to your doctor about getting some tests done. HSG:Histosalpingogram (sp) could clear any blockages in your fallopian tubes. Clomid: you could take this to make sure that you are ovulating. It took my husband and I 16 months to conceive the first time around. Even though I had regular monthly bleeding, I wasn't actually ovulating. Once I got on clomid it jump started my ovulation. After a 3 month cycle I was still not pregnant. I waited 2 months before I tried clomid again, and when I went to pick up my Rx, I also picked up an HPT because I was 5 days late. Turns out I was actually pregnant. Sometimes your body just needs a jump start. At least that was the case for me and I am pretty sure I will have to do the same thing again the next time I want to get pregnant.

Hope this helped :)


christy4 - November 25

my sister is well,thank God u have one already,the same God that did it for u will still do it again i believe,pls be strong



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