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Update Your Look

Are you tired of your hair-do? Are you looking for a hair-do update? Get great hair styling tips for all hair types right here, including great tips for hair color and skin tone for tips on deciding the right hair style and hair color for you. If you're looking for a smoother, sleeker do, you may want to read our guide to frizzy hair rescue for hair care tips and home remedies that are inexpensive and easy to use. But first read up on chemical hair dyes versus natural hair color alternatives.  Learn more about natural and easy ways to improve your hair's color and texture.

If you want keep your locks shiny and healthy looking read our guide to how to eliminate those split ends that give your hair a dull and flat appearance. To boost the gorgeous factor of your mane find out if you're properly washing your hair and the pros and cons of blow drying compared to air drying your hair.  There are pluses and minuses to both ways of styling your hair.  Find out more about which method is best for your hair.

Gray Hair or Hair Loss--Oh No!!!

Though not normally associated with females, hair loss can be a reality for women. Sometimes, hair loss can be related to hormones, other times it can be caused by a chronic condition, known as alopecia. However, there can actually be a variety of reasons why hair loss can occur.  Learn more about this condition and about what you can do to stop your hair from shedding.  And why does hair turn gray? Read about the inevitable: gray hair and about the methods you can use to cover up that gray.

Of course, things can go the other way, too, and women may be afflicted with excessive hair growth, or hirsutism.  This is a very common condition in women who suffer from PCOS. In some cases, menopause can bring on excess facial hair growth, a side effect many women would prefer not to have to deal with.  Learn more about what to do to rid yourself of any excess and unwanted hair.  Sometimes, getting control of your hormones is enough to stop the unwanted hair growth, other times you may need to choose a hair removal technique like laser hair removal, waxing, or shaving.  

Problems With Hair

While it is often not discussed, there are actually a number of different hair disorders that can affect women. Learning more about these issues can help you discover ways to protect your mane and get rid of nuisances like dandruff which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Read our guide on self care dandruff tips and home remedies on how to treat those flakes if they refuse to shake away with medicated shampoos.  Also get tips on how to treat headlice--that common school age hair nuisance.  

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