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Types Of Depression

Depression is a form of mental illness that is often taken too lightly by both the medical community and the general population as a whole. However, it is a very real and serious condition that warrants immediate treatment.  Here in our section devoted to the many types of depression, learn more about what may be causing you or your loved one to feel down and find out what you can do to overcome this potentially serious condition.

Serious Depression

There are many different types depression, some more severe than others. Major depression and other similar mental health issues need immediate treatment by a trained doctor. If you or a loved one is depressed, seek medical help right away.  Also learn more about catatonic depression and find out why many forms of depression are much more than just feeling sad.  In addition, discover why people living in winter climates are much more likely to become depressed than people living in warm/sunny areas.  Check out our article on winter depression to learn more.

Also get information about types of chemical balances in the brain that can lead to serious depression or other illnesses such as bipolar disorder.  Learn more about what bipolar disorder is and about how you can help yourself, or someone else who is suffering from this illness.  Major depression and bipolar disorder are serious illenesses that need immediate treatment.  If you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from some form of major depression, seek medical help as soon as possible.

Common Depression

Many people don’t realize that chronic procrastination is a form of depression. Find out more about why some people just can't seem to get things done. Also get information about teen depression and about how severe anxiety can cause depression.  At some time or another almost every teen suffers from some form of depression.  Learn more about when this depression reaches a stage that should cause worry and about what to do to help this teenage over come the depression.  In addition, did you know that sleep patterns or diet habits, such as those that cause a person to be overweight, can cause depression? Learn more about the importance of sleep and healthy diet for a healthy mental state.  Also check out our article on "is it depression or the blues?"  The difference matters.

Pregnancy, Motherhood, And Depression

More women than we ever realized suffer from depression during pregnancy. In addition, many women suffer from depression after pregnancy, a condition known as postpartum depression, and continue to experience depression throughout motherhood. While most new mothers go through a short period of depression postpartum known as baby blues, real postpartum depression is much more serious and can last several months.  Severe cases can even lead to harm to the mother or the baby.  Learn the signs to watch for when diagnosing postpartum depression and find out what you can do to start feeling good again.  Also read up on the differences between depression between men and women and about how men can also suffer from a lesser form of postpartum depression.

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Jaime Hill
I think depression is also sign of child anxieties?
12 years ago