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There have been many studies done to affirm the notion that depression, particularly in women, can often lead to overweight.  Feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth are keys to the door of self-hatred, leading all too often to depression.  People try to stuff their feelings by stuffing their faces, cramming the pain down with food rather than letting it out and ridding themselves of it.  Conversely, overweight can lead to depression.  While we can't claim to give the answers to the dilemma here, on these pages, we can offer some suggestions to follow which may help lead a person back to a healthy weight and perhaps, ultimately to a healthy life.

Take your power back

Most frequently, women with weight issues have the sense that at some point they've lost control of their lives.  They no longer have power over what happens to them.  The spectrum ranges from childhood abuse to marital abuse, from not feeling pretty enough to being the prom queen and then falling out of favor.   The issues are myriad and the sources often common to all women.  A woman who can confront the issues, with guidance from a professional, can gain control of her life.  Once that happens, then she's able to move forward and address health and body issues.

Love Yourself

That's easier said than done for many women.  We find it far easier to give love to others, no matter if they're worthy of it, than to love ourselves, just the way we are.  When we come to the place of accepting and loving who we are, exactly as we are at this very moment in time, then we release the power of change and healing.  Self-acceptance opens the door to all possibilities in life.  Free to experience and believe in yourself and how much you can do because you are unique in all the world.

Give to Others

The best way to keep something is to give it away.  When you've come through an ordeal, you're better equipped to help someone else who is going through a similar situation.  Take what you've learned, what you've been given, and give it away.  Healing comes through sharing of experience and opens the door for more to come your way.

When a powerful, loving woman gives of herself to someone else, then her power is increased and she shares that power with another, who in turn can become a powerful, loving woman.  And so it goes.


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