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words of encouragement?
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leigh - July 13

back in 2013, i had miscarriage. May of 2015 i had another loss. unfortunately my water broke at 16 weeks. life has been pretty tough on me. we're seeking refuge to our broken hearts (my husband and i). any words of encouragement pls. . . :(


jerijayne - August 21

it is really not that easy and it sometimes upsetting you every time you remember. just hold on dear and do not lose hope.


eliza - August 22

there are just some things that you don't have the control even if you really wanted to. keep the faith and pray. good luck!


perry - August 22

i had two miscarriage, it's a tragic loss for me and until now i am still in pain.


Wella - September 4

hi leigh, just pray and ask for guidance. keep yourself busy and preoccupied so you won't drown yourself from thinking too much about it.


yarisbell - September 8

surround yourself with your family for support. reach out friends that may help you cope up from sadness.


laquisa - September 9

I am very sorry for your losses. No woman would want that to happen and it is really a sad thing. Just keep the faith!


donna - September 10

let yourself grieve, give it all out to release all the tension. being emotional is OK, it is part of the recovery.


rose dixon - September 10

for now, focus on how to regain your health after your loss.


Yarumi - September 10

it is a difficult phase in your life, i might say, from the way i read your post. no one's wishing for a loss, of course. you and your husband should come hand in hand in coping up. you have to help each other to survive the loneliness and grief.


Felise - September 11

no matter what, it is important to deal all these emotional turbulence that you are going through. it may take longer to go through, but you will definitely get there.


Ruby - September 11

Reach out to those who are closest to you and ask for comfort, understanding and support.


tracy_douglas - September 11

you and your partner may seek counseling. this is not only about you, but your husband/partner need it too.


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