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Menstrual Cycle

Getting your period for the first time can be a confusing time.  Understanding why women experience menstruation and getting the answers to the many questions you may have about your period will help make this transition into womenhood easier.  Find out what a menstrual cycle is, what causes it, how to deal with it each month, and what it means for your fertility.

Period Information

Check out our section on a woman's menstruation cycle and get all the information you need for understanding the female reproductive cycle. Get answers to all the common questions about periods like menses mechanics and personal care. Find out more about the best way to chart and care for your period each month and also take a look at our article on period FAQs. The better you understand your period, the easier it will be to deal with it.  Knowing how your reproductive system works will also help you to spot any problems that may arise with your menstrual cycle and help you to protect your fertility against any complications.  You should always take any questions about late or missed periods, heavy bleeding, or abnormal menstrual cycles to your doctor in order to rule out any serious complications.  Also, disorders with your menstrual cycle could be signs that you have PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids--which then could later on make it more difficult for you to conceive a child.  Don't delay in talking with your doctor about any concerns you may have.  In addition, learning more about your period and your reproductive system is the best way to chart your most fertile and least fertile days--a great help when trying to get pregnant--or when trying to avoid pregnancy.

It's Not A Mystery

Get the facts about your menstrual cycle and learn more about skipped periods, menstrual delays, and irregular cycles. Also learn more about period issues and for a full overview check out menstrual articles. Find out what to do when you get your first period and learn how the lunar calendar can have an effect on your period.  Also get information on how to chart your period so that you can figure out your personal cycle and learn when and how to expect your period to arrive.  This can also help you in the future if you are trying to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.  Reading our article on ovulation facts can also help.

Start reading today and get informed about your menstrual cycle!  The more you know the less scary it will be and the more control you will feel you have over your body.  Learn the most you can about what happens to your body each month, why it happens and what it means for your future journey into womenhood (if this is your first period).  Also get the best tips possible on how to stay clean and fresh while having your period and about what any period glitches along the way tell you about your body and reproductive system.  


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