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Treatments For Menopause

Our menopause treatment section is devoted to providing you with all of the information you will need to find the best way relieve many of the annoying, irritating, and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.  In today's modern age there is no longer a reason to suffer through menopause.  Discover how you can begin relieving the many annoying symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and mood swings, today.  Also find out how to reduce your risk of health side effects from any of these treatments and about how lessen the risk of heart attacks and bone loss while in menopause.  Today's menopausal women are not the same as our mother's generation.  Find out how to stay young, healthy and comfortable even while going through the "change."


Read about one of the most conventional treatments for menopause, hormone replacement therapy (also known as HRT), and find out what kind of side-effects can occur with such treatment. HRT has gotten a bad reputation over the years but it is still the best treatment for the relief of menopause symptoms.  Much has been done to minimize the negative side effects of HRT.  Learn more today.  

Get the facts about the risks of HRT, about bleeding and HRT, about HRT and blood pressure, continuous HRT and its effects, Non-RX HRT, HRT instructions, HRT and hip fractures, long-term HRT, and Bioidentical HRT. Also, read about new data and HRT and find out more about the connection between HRT and cancer. Weigh the risk before you begin treatment.  Also find out more about natural forms of HRT therapy and find out if all of the benefits of HRT out weigh the risks of this treatment.  However, there are also many varieties of hormone replacement therapy.  Talk to your doctor about whether this treatment may be right for you.

Natural Therapy

Also get some information on alternative treatments and natural treatments for menopause like herbs for menopause symptoms, natural HRT, vitamins for menopause and other remedies. Find out how these natural remedies can help make you feel as good as new.  Diet and exercise can do wonders in lesseing the symptoms of menopause and improving your overall health. Also consider using the ancient chinese practice of acupuncture to help alleviate your menopause symptoms.  There are many natural ways to deal with your menopause.  Start reading to find out more.

Other Treatment Options

In addition, check out our articles on the many various menopause treatment options that you should talk over with your doctor like treating hot flashes, progesterone FAQs, estrogen FAQs, progesterone cream, fibroids and ERT, testosterone, androgens, designer estrogens, raloxifene, and phytoestrogens.  One of these options just may be what you need to overcome your menopause symptoms.  Learn more today about the best treatment option for your menopause symptoms and become informed so that you can make the correct decision for your menopause symptoms and your body.  

Start feeling like yourself again!


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