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Tips For Sleep

Your muscles were healing and becoming stronger from your weight workout. Your skin was absorbing the active cream you put on your face before bed to make the lines disappear. Your organs were doing the clean-up work necessary to ensure proper functioning of your body and your mind was debriefing the information you took in all day. You were even enjoying benefits to your weight-loss program.

Sleep is a vital for a healthy lifestyle. For some of us though, sleep seems elusive. We sleep for three hours and then we’re awake for two hours. It’s difficult for us to function well in our daily routines, and our bodies can’t do what is needed to ensure optimal health. Here are some very simple suggestions that can help us get those eight hours of sleep recommended by the experts:

Climate Control

Keep your bedroom at a comfortably cool temperature, neither too warm nor too cold and make sure the room is dark and as quiet as possible. If we’re overheated our sleep is disturbed and if we’re cold, we don’t relax enough to rest. Light and noise are common causes of sleep problems.

Avoid Stimulants

Limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption to about three or four hours before bedtime. All of these things are stimulants and can prevent a restful sleep.

Bedrooms are for Sleeping...

Keep your bedroom as a special place for sleep. Working in bed, watching television or reading that spy thriller just before you want to drop off to sleep have the ability to keep your mind active for hours on end.

Follow a Sleep-inducing Diet

Follow a healthy, nutritious diet that includes the types of food that can help you to sleep well.

Of course, if you experience constant lack of sleep you may need the advice of a specialist, in order to assess if you might be suffering from a sleep disorder. For most of us, however, simply following the types of suggestions made above can add hours on to our sleep, and years to our lives.

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