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HPV And Herpes

Check out wdxcyber's section devoted to HPV and Herpes, two of the most common, yet also unfortunately incurable, STDs. Learn more about these STDs and get the information you need to protect yourself from contracting either STD. Prevention is key when dealing with STDs so arm yourself with the information to stay safe during sexual contact. If you have already been diagnosed with either HPV or Herpes, check out our many articles on the symptoms of these STDs and on your treatment options.  While there is yet no cure for HPV or Herpes, there are ways to manage both STDs.  Learn more today!


HPV, or the human papilloma virus, is the STD that can cause both genital warts and cervical cancer.  You can also contract HPV via oral sex putting yourself at risk for oral cancer.  Pap Smears are super important in order to detect and diagnose HPV or signs of cervical cancer.   If caught early enogh cervical cancer poses no risk to your life or reproductive system.  Don't delay in getting regular screenings.

Also check out our article on HPV and nasopharyngeal cancer (head and neck cancer). There is currently no cure for this STD but if you are over the age of 9, and not yet infected with HPV, then there is a HPV vaccine you can receive. Decide if this vaccine is right for you and find out if the gardasil vaccine can be given to men in our article on boys and gardasil. Also, get the facts on genital wart treatments, wart recurrence, and learn why it is so important to be tested for cervical cancer if you have HPV. Early detection is the key when dealing with cervical cancer and with regular pap smears you can be sure to catch this type of cancer before it is too late.  Also, did you know that you can pass HPV onto your baby during birth?  Check out our article on HPV and pregnancy to learn more about how you can protect your child from contracting your HPV infection.


Herpes is another STD that still has no cure. Learn more about this STD, like how to avoid contracting herpes, symptoms of herpes, and medical and natural herpes remedies. Also find out how stress can affect your herpes symptoms and cause herpes outbreaks.  Learn how to control your herpes breakouts and what to do when you have a herpes breakout. In addition, check out our articles on what happens if you contract herpes while pregnant and what effects your herpes can have on your newborn.  Herpes can be very dangerous for new babies.  If you suspect you may have this STD and you are pregnant, talk to your doctor right away so that you can be sure not to pass this along to your baby during birth.

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