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Can you get pregnant without havin periods?
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lisa_loo13 - December 31

I'm 23 years old and I haven't had a period in over a year now unless I'm on bc. They've done a D&C on me to see if it would fix the problem and I still haven't had one. Birth controls don't keep me regular at all. I'm either bleeding multiple times during the month or I don't have a period at all. My husband and I are thinking about trying to have a baby and I was just wondering if I can get pregnant without havin been having a period?


CC31 - January 19

You have to ovulate to get pregnant. Usually your period starts 14 days after ovulation. With your periods being so irregular it's hard to say if you will be able to get pregnant. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and I only have a period after taking either progesterone or Clomid. I have been trying to conceive for nearly 3 years.

You should share your concerns with your doctor, since he/she is more familiar with your cycle history and medical history. They will have to run lab tests first to see if you are ovulating.

I hope this helps. Good luck :)


kaymogirl - January 29

Well, I'm gonna answer you with a yes..yes you can get pregnant without havin a period, the reason I know is I just recentely found out I was expecting, and I didn't have a period for 2 months...of course if you're trying to start a family, I would definitely see a Dr. and take all the important tests to make sure everything is going good! Good luck...


CBL08 - January 24

I'm 20 I've never in my life had I period, Only a few years ago I found out through the doctor that the only way to have period is on Birth Control. Also I've never stayed true to taking BC everyday like my doctor wants me too. Can I still get pregnant without a period?


CC31 - January 24

To CBL08, it sounds like you need to see another doctor, if all this one wants to do is put you on birth control. In general, you can only get pregnant a few days before or the day before you ovulate. I had to learn all this when I finally wanted to have children which was my late 20s. If I were you, I would get my PCOS under control and manageable way before that.

Kaymogirl, the reason you didn't have a period in 2 months is because you were pregnant.


CBL08 - January 24

Well I went to three different doctors with no help and had MRI'S, X-RAYS, BLOOD TESTES and anything else you could think of and my last doctor told me it was my pituitary gland that didn’t produce enough estrogen.


CC31 - January 24

I went to a reproductive endocrinologist. They are like OB/GYNs but they have more experience in things like this. I'm unsure what type of disorder you have, if it's PCOS or something else. Ask your doctor about having children in the future, if it's possible and what steps you will have to take.


melanie - May 10

my last period was january 18 2011 i havent had my period sence then it skiped feb march and april now were in may and i went to the clinic to see why i havent had my period and found out i was pregnate which would put me at 16 weeks today but last week i had an ultrasound and the doctor told me i was very early like 5weeks early am just woundering when did i ever get pregnate without even having a period for about 2months and he showed me the sac where the baby is growing can someone plz help me solve this case


curious mommy - February 10

ok I have not had a period in about 5 years! I was on the mirana then the depo shot! I was on the shot for about a year! I was suppose to get my shot on december 16th but never went back for it! Because me and my Husband would like to have another baby!! Now i am cramping my breasts are sore I have taken 2 test both negative! So my question is can I still get pregnant without having a period! My last two kids I never had a problem getting pregnant with


swordzgirl - April 25

I have PCOS and my husband & I have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years now. I have lost almost 40lbs & have been changing my life style praying it will help us. I never had normal periods & I had to take meds to help me have one for about 6 months after taking the meds to break my cycle I had a period on my own this was back in July-December & then come January 2012 I didnt have one & I wasnt pregnant. So its almost May & I still havent had one so I had my Dr. call the meds in to break my cycle again but I still havent started & I took the meds about 3weeks ago but about 3weeks ago I noticed my boobs where super sensitive but just thought it was bc I was going to start & its mainly my nipples they are hard all the time & sore (not trying to be gross but this is def NOT normal for me) & my question is could I be pregnant? I took 2 test last month & they both where negative but reading info about this Im starting to get freaked out bc even though I would LOVE to be pregnant I go to the tanning bed & take diet pills & Im very scared that if I am & dont know it that I will hurt the baby but I dont have anyother symptoms of pregancy! What should I do?


kiarabree - July 16

I'm 19 years old and the first year I got my period, I only had 5. And each year since, the number of periods each year has decreased. I had only 1 week long peiod the year of 2012 and one pitifuly light one for 2 days. I had what I personally think was an overactive sexual appetite. Then in August of 2011, I lost ALL sexual desire. I mean I couldnt even stimulate myself.. My body was TOTALLY unresponsive. Well, one night around the middle of december (ish) I had one of my VERY rare times of sexual desire and my boyfriend took advantage of that.... I am now 34 weeks pregnant with our first child. A healthy and even heavy baby boy! :) My doctors told me I would never be able to have children since I wasn't menstrating. Though they couldn't ever pinpoint the cause of my dysfunction. And during a small scare with the size of my sons head, during a special ultrasound,an abnormality was found in my ovaries. My son may be a miracle baby.. we don't know yet. We find out when we see our doctor on Tuesday for our weekly checkup and to find out the results of the ultrasound. SO! regardless of what I have, and regardless of what YOU have... children ARE possible.. A HUGE key to it... don't try. ]] Being the dumb and overly sensitive 16 year old that I was, I took the news of not having the ability to have children in the future VERY poorly and tried for 2 years to get pregnant (mind you, with the father of my son. we've been together forever.) and when we stopped trying... 6 months later, after giving up and embracing the truth of my being, WE'RE PREGNANT! don't stress it, enjoy the love with your partner during sex instead of focussing, and just let what will be, BE! :) Good luck to all of you trying!! Hopefully you can be blessed like we are!!


swhit - July 31

kiarabree; Your comment made me feel so much better! Just finally coming across at least one post of a success story puts my mind at ease. I've always been the type to want babies & be a mommy. But I noticed that I rarely ever got my period, sometimes I wouldn't get 1 in a whole year. Now I'm starting to take medication that helps my get my period, but stops my ovulation cycle. To read your story has brought my hopes up. Thank you for sharing, congratulations to you & your husband! I will keep my head up & keep on praying. As for the rest of you ladies with no luck yet, you're not alone. As long as you have a loving, understanding partner, don't lose hope and have faith! (:


Junie - August 12

Hi Lisa: I got pregnant twice five months apart and I've had irregular periods all my life except the first year. I didn't have any periods when I became pregnant both times. Also, both my mother and sister have had D&Cs. Mom, of course got pregnant. She gave birth to both my sister and me, but my sister couldn't get pregnant. I guess it just depends, but like I said, I'm fertile, but no periods. Weird, huh?


ryemay2 - August 15

yes i am expecting my 3rd child i only had one period within the first 2 mo after i had my 2nd baby she is now 17 mo. and i just found out im a mo pregnant


Junie - August 15

My sister was so regular she could set her watch to the time her periods would start. Her menstrual cycles were really heavy too. She had to sleep with a garbage bag on to keep from soiling the mattress. I was so irregular that I was lucky if I had two periods a year and I was so light I could use a slim tampon in the middle of my cycles and not ever leak. Now sis can't get pregnant and I got pregnant twice five months apart without trying. Did she use up her eggs fast and I saved mine? Just being silly, of course. Sis is two years younger than I am as well.


Felicia - January 10

Well I had my son aug 3 2010 then went a year without haven a period doctors put me on a hormone pill it work for only amonth after but then my husband n xbestfriend told me to take birthcontrol cause it will help regulate my period r least start so I did but only took two one on a sunday n monday then gave up cause I hate taken pills but.i startd that friday n stayd on for aweek but havent took any since that was march 2012 now its 2013 n havnt startd again n scared that I wont be able to have any more kids idk if I should take birthcontrol to get my period for a couple of months then try to see If I can get pregnant


rduck1 - February 9

I am 24 yrs old. I had my 3rd son in November of 2011. After 6 weeks, I got on birth control and took it for 2 months, and I didn't have my cycle for 9 months, and I just found out that I thursday Feb. 7th that I am pregnant. So, yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have your cycle. The only problem I have is I don't know how far along I am. I have to have an ultrsound to know for sure.



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